Code Love – A unique exhibition undertaken by Carefountain Foundation

Code Love – a unique exhibition through which fund was raised by selling the products for a ‘Social-Good Project’ undertaken by Carefountain Foundation for the betterment of elderly people in need. The exhibition had 14 works of intrigued that  the audience to think, look and engage with the concept of love and how collectively love can be used for achieving something much greater

One wall of the central gallery is an embellishment of a collection of pink colored placards, portraying  a famous quote of Martin Luther King while on another wall, a typewriter is being hung from which a pink script has come out and rolled around a hook staged above. In the middle of the room, pink colored cards are stacked in the shape of a pyramid. while another room is filled up with pink balloons.

There were also merchandised the concept with lots of themed products including mug, candles, notebook and framed pictures.

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