If it wasn’t for my wife I wouldn’t of made it through

I recently went through a horrific methadone withdrawal. If it wasn’t for my wife I wouldn’t of made it through. She was right by my side the whole time, stayed home from work, or worked from home. Without saying where I work I can tell you that where you get your undergraduate degree makes no difference whatsoever so long as its fully accredited (that would be a Regional accreditation here in the States). Seriously, save your money, do a community college for 2 years then finish your Bachelor at a state school. Should you choose to go on the grad school you will not be punished for getting a Bach from a state school.

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Hermes Replica Belt Before agreeing to do an endoscopy, the gastro accused me of exaggerating because I was a teen girl and that’s just apparently what young women do, he suggested I was just making up these symptoms for attention, and then asked me point blank if I was lying about my pain level to skip school and suggested I had a mental health issue I was trying to cover for. I had fucking GERD and severe acid reflux, as confirmed by the endoscopy he reluctantly agreed to perform on me. Instead of letting it go, the gastro made a point of angrily telling me that I had “the stomach of a 80 year old man” and must have been intentionally eating in a way to fuck up my stomach Hermes Replica Belt.

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