Ajo is a café that  is much more than only a café. It offers an experience of the fusion of eco- awareness, aesthetic value and modernity, served in the form of delectable fusion dishes, which are healthy, fresh and prepared with care.


Jatra, the renowned local handicraft brand has a name, fame and character of its own. Head Office Communication reflected the distinct character of this handicraft brand in its outlet in Banani by being playful in its interior design, while promoting local heritage and yet giving it a global approach.


Carefountain is a humanitarian organization for the people in need. Head Office Communication has been conceptualizing its innovative initiatives and is involved in all of its creative planning for its effective communications.


Head Office Communication is glad and proud to be a part of  social development initiatives like Jaago. The campaigns and communications materials of Jaago are designed by us with pure dedication, spreading the message of humanity.