Ek Bag Shilpo

Ek Bag Shilpo (A sackful of arts) by Ebadur Rahman is a one of a kind book  about the contemporary visual culture-scene of Bangladesh.


Headoffice Communication designed and constructed the stall for Heilderberg at the 1st International Print Pack Sign Expo , held in April 2016.

Paper Studio

Headoffice Communication was the design partner of the  exhibition ' Conqueror Corporate Identity Design Contest - 2015' , organized by Paper Studio.

Shusmita Anis

Shusmita Anis is a new age singer specializing in Nazrul sangeet. Headoffice Communication was a proud associate in her album launch.

Star Cineplex

Headoffice Communication has designed thematic calendars, brochures, invitation cards for country’s one of the finest modern theater Star Cineplex.

DFID Event

    Headoffice Communication was a proud partner of DFID in organizing the one day national event "National Financial Inclusive Strategy of Bangladesh".

Google-Bus Bangladesh

Google, one of biggest brand in the world, is with the mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.


Ajo is a café that  is much more than only a café. It offers an experience of the fusion of eco- awareness, aesthetic value and modernity, served in the form of delectable fusion dishes, which are healthy, fresh and prepared with care.


Jatra, the renowned local handicraft brand has a name, fame and character of its own. Head Office Communication reflected the distinct character of this handicraft brand in its outlet in Banani by being playful in its interior design, while promoting local heritage and yet giving it a global approach.