The spa, which is a touch dated, has an outdoor

While a few bad reviews here and there are normal, if the business consistently earns one or two stars, you know that it best to go with someone else.Finally, ask for references from past customers, so that you have the chance to speak to someone directly.This is the best way to learn about the quality of work, if the company showed up on time and was respectful, and more. Make sure that you also ask them about the way that payment was collected and if there were any hidden charges that weren discussed in the original estimate.Ask About Liability InsuranceWhen you choosing a pressure washer company in Sugar Land, perhaps the key question is whether or not the business has professional liability insurance.Less reputable businesses carry only homeowner insurance, and will try to convince you that it enough but it not. Yes, homeowner insurance is important to have, as it means that you be compensated for any losses or damages to your property/home that the pressure washing company is at fault for.But without liability insurance, you as the homeowner could be held financially responsible for any injuries that happen to employees or contracted workers of the power washing company..

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