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Berlusconi has a personal approval rating of just 21 percent nationally, according to Ipsos Public Affairs. His party, Forza Italia, which he created and still dominates like a private social club, won 14 percent of the vote in last year's general election but just 8.

And here’s one more detail to factor into your equation:

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From 1990 through 2014 England played 11 tournaments and were

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You got these voices saying worry about it, Ozzy, anyone would have a drink if their album went to number one in all these countries.

It was this joy that led her to her downfall

The 17 year old, Hector Fernando Fonseca, posted messages on the app on Aug. 2, saying, "blown this s up," along with a photo of George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston and then "time to blow up the plane.

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Asked what Lee would say to his mother, he told Anderson he would question why she left and he wants her to ask for forgiveness.

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Rachel Bilson returns to Fox as she plays bride in wedding. Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen look tense as exes. Leighton Meester's husband Adam Brody to play her ex on the.

Aladdin feels trapped by his poverty

Take, for example, the palm oil industry of Malaysia. Human trafficking on that country's palm plantations was exposed Sunday in the Wall Street Journal.

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I really admire how hard the parents work during the breeding season and how brave the female is when she is incubating her eggs.

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We also enjoy their drinking from the gutter/drainpipe just above us, seeing their bright beaks and "clever" eyes (which miss nothing!) and getting showered with water as they raise their heads!! it's amazing to see and hear them so intimately and I only wish that I were able to record it all! (I loved the short film of the snow sliding corvid!!) Additionally, some more segments on the "greening" of eg.